IMG_20150717_154037006_HDRWe have been to two Lavender Festivals in recent days.  We have successfully started several plants from seed and we wanted to see exactly how the big farms had theirs planted.  Lavender likes warm feet, so we need to dig up what we have and make some mounds for them.  Then we can plant the new seedlings.  I envision a big lavender garden.  Deer don’t like them….note to deer…

Deer also don’t like Shasta daisies….no one told our deer that.  Deer don’t like Crocosmia – ditto the above.  They love nasturtiums; but only the leaves.  I find that really interesting.  Do they somehow know that the seeds are in the flowers and if they eat the flowers, there won’t be more plants?  Yeah, I was raised on Disney and I anthropomorphize all manner of critters.

I need to rethink the plants around and on the deck.  They are absolute mosquito havens and that isn’t okay.  I need to track down some lemon grass, but I wonder if it really keeps the little beggars away?  Somehow, I doubt it.

The house remains very comfortable.  It is cool on warm days and warm on cool days.  It doesn’t get better than that.

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