broccThe garden is ridiculously verdant!  Lush and beautiful!  And everything is delicious.  We even have cherries on the newly planted trees.  Strawberries!  Vegetables and vegetables and vegetables! Is there anything better than fresh anything?

We are in the midst of a heat wave and that has to be tough for the local farmers.  This is not the norm.  Or is it the new norm?  I sure hope not.

Yesterday, we had several fires on the Island and that is not okay.  They were probably set and that makes it even more horrendous.  Let’s hope we get through the 4th without any more nonsense.

Remember one reason we left Colorado and came here was due to the constant threat of fire in our neck of the woods.  Well, it happened after we left and I want that constant threat left in the background.

So, go dig in the dirt and plant something.  Eat a big salad today.  Hug a tree.  Yes, I said that!  Hug lots of trees.  Oh, yesterday we saw and heard a great horned owl on the edge of the driveway.  Come back!  Hopefully this is a young owl looking for a new home.  The welcome sign is out!

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