April in Paradise

Was the last postingIMG_20150331_133345826_HDR really in January?  So many changes.  So much to share.

It’s April.  Our garden is being planted, shrubs going into the ground, trees mulched, seeds sown.

The photo is from a lovely old Seattle garden.  We are thrilled that garden is now in the care of our daughter and son-in-law.  Oh, and their gorgeous new daughter.  Yes, it has been quite a ride the past few months!

We have had a few folks ask us about our home and how the construction went.  We learn more about the house everyday.  The boss checked the propane tank today.  We started at 80% full and after all this time it is down to 68%.  That is just amazing.  The sun is turning towards the solar panels and they need to be washed!

Our son daughter-in-law and grandson are still on the Island and now in a wonderful home.  Good times.

Welcome Spring.  Look for the sprouts as they are the future.

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