Penn Cove

SONY DSCSummer is a very busy time on the Island.  There is so much to do that it is often overwhelming.

Last weekend was the annual Coupeville Arts and Crafts Show and the Gray’s Harbor Pirate Ships came to town.  We had the pleasure of a 3-hour battle cruise on an absolutely perfect day.  The Hawaiian Chieftain and the Lady Washington battled it out on Penn Cove.  It was awesome!

The garden fence is done, except for the gate.  We have been loading and unloading concrete blocks for the raised beds.  One more load to go.  Then we will place cardboard at the bottom of the beds to stifle weed growth.  Hopefully, a few fall plantings will make it into the ground.

The house has undergone a couple of changes.  We had screening put into the gutters.  We were not comfortable with the underground gutter drainage and the prospect of the tiny fir needles clogging the system.  So, we had screening placed in the gutters.  So far, so good.

We moved a bit of furniture and we still have paintings and rugs to hang.  We are thinking about having a heater installed in the master bath.  We just don’t run the floor heat as warm as a lot of people do – I guess?!  A bit more heat in the bathroom would be good.  We have a small wall heater in the upstairs bath and we should have done the same downstairs.  Live and learn.  It is certainly not needed in the summer, but fall is approaching.

We had visitors for a week and they thought the house and the Island were terrific.  We do too!  We went to a Lavender Festival and I am now determined to have a lavender garden in some sort of spiral pattern.  Lavender is beautiful and mosquitoes don’t like it.  Double whammy!


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