Growing Green

?????????????????????????????So – the garden fence is looking fabulous.  We are in search of an old iron headboard for Mr. Fabulous to turn into a garden gate.

I really wanted the front “yard” to be a lovely meadow in which Bambi would stroll.  The hard truth is that the long grasses are havens for mosquitoes.  We have been in a battle to find plants that deter the nasty buggers, natural mosquito repellants and such.  I’m all about keeping it “green”.  However, I will not be held hostage in my home because the skeeters have claimed their area.

Today, I took the weed whacker to the long grasses around the deck.  (This was after I had collected the afternoons swath of slugs.)  I whacked the crap out of the grass around the deck and the mosquitoes were not happy.  Then I set forth to the mailbox – through the “meadow” across the property.  Holy freaking moly, I became a cloud.  Skeeters swarmed me.

Okay – I get it now.  I hate lawns.  Hate them.  Stupid waste of time and energy.  Oh my – in the lush forest here in the Pacific Northwest a lawn (or mowed meadow) may be the first line of defense against mosquitoes.  Who’d a thunk?  Not me.

Am I discouraged?  Not a chance.  Recently we made a quick trip to California.  It was spectacular.  Lake Tahoe and rafting on the Truckee River.  I looked at that crystal clear blue sky.  Had we made the correct decision?  Oh yes.  We came back to the Island and a huge sigh of relief ensued.  I will take the skeeter battle and the slug war and love every minute.  Forge ahead.  I refuse to whine and moan – join in life and live it.  Please.

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